Experience Effortless Online Examination Management with ERP Software

Online examination is a new technique to conduct examinations through the internet. As the name suggests, this is an examination system that happens online. First, the schedule is sent with the date and the topics to the students. Then, before the specified date, the teacher updates the online exam on the system. Then, at the exact time, it is made accessible to the students to appear in the exam.

Once they complete it, they can also submit it immediately. The grading happens simultaneously on a real-time basis without the intervention of the admin staff or the teachers. Reports are generated based on the grades, and individual performances can be reviewed.

Benefits of online exams for educational institutions

Report generation

With several students studying in different grades, it becomes pretty difficult to check the progress of each of them if the manual system is followed. However, with school ERP, reports for each of them are generated and saved online. It can be easily accessed by the teachers, admin staff and other relevant members. The whole process thus minimizes the effort to the minimum.

Robust data storage

Student data is equally important. Schools must have a system that can securely store vast amounts of data without any chance of losing information. Only those with the essential authorizations can access it.

Easier to conduct exams

It reduces the teachers’ efforts considerably. They need to schedule it on the fixed day, set the question paper, and upload it online. Besides, teachers need to identify those students who need personalized attention, which is possible by checking their reports and analyzing their grades.

Better accessibility

The online school management system facilitates students to take exams even from a remote location without any limitations. With the help of a laptop/mobile and A stable internet connection, they can proceed with their studies even in these difficult circumstances.

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