Seamless Student Attendance Management System Offered by SFT Roll Call

The SFT Roll Call school software enables a school to store and take attendance digitally. Also, a parent can stay informed if the child is absent from school. Moreover, a student can apply for a leave without hassle. In simple words, our reputed school management software enables a school to automatically notify the parent when the child does not attend school.

A digital attendance management system offers:

Safety & Security: A parent, as well as the school, doesn't have to worry about the whereabouts of the student. However, everything can be tracked from the first entry inside the school until the time they leave for home. Organised Record: A systematic and organised data log is maintained by our school management software which can be accessed by the principal, teacher and parents. Keeping up with attendance can be time-consuming, no matter how necessary. SFT Roll Call helps you save time and effort with a secure, streamlined system to mark the roll.

Record all attendances of students & staff digitally

Gone are the days of recording students' attendance in the physical registers. This is a widely preferred attendance system in today's time. It's used for both student and staff attendance tracking. We especially integrate modern wireless attendance machines on our platform to provide educational organisations with a seamless and real-time experience. The student information system can be easily mapped with the attendance system and track down any student's academic and attendance records. Let the daily, performance-based, late, absence reports assist you in evaluating the student's performance and help you to assign the attendance-based internal grades. Finally, ease your system operating with the customised dashboards and auto-synchronisation with your web portal. You can easily take the attendance of students of a particular class by selecting it.

Advantages you can reap with attendance management

Segregate the attendance category-wise

SFT Roll Call enables educational institutions to have proper class-wise and date-wise data. In addition, you can easily track the attendance in various ways and manage the leaves without any error.

Proper Periodical Analysis

You can also get multiple options to view attendance sheets, including division-wise, period-wise, and class-wise.

Easy to use

It has an effortless working procedure that helps the management and teachers to use it easily without significant errors in concept.

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