Create, Manage & Download Reports from School ERP System

All-in-One platform for all reports – from student progress to attendance, exams, fees, class subjects, audit trail, user logs, stock report, book inventory, email settings, front CMS setting, and so much more. Get all combined module reports in one place and generate all the requirements digitally with a few clicks.

SFT Roll Call reports aim to enable better and more efficient outcomes for everyone. It’s time to automate operations and enhance efficiency with the most effective school management platform by your side. Let us help you simplify the process and intelligently manage your Institute. Keep track, reduce the costs, and eliminate the administrative hassle.

Key Features of the SFT Roll Call Reports

Ease of Access

SFT Roll Call reports offer a convenient place for the educational institutions, admin, and trustees to access a wide array of information for the entire system module-wise. This ensures that the daily tasks are easier, and they can run their administration in a much better way.

Quick Decision

A faster approach to the work enables quicker management decisions. It also helps to save a lot of time and ensure accurate results swiftly. Why make someone wait when you can answer their concerns instantly through SFT Roll Call reports?

Enables Institute Growth

Education plays a critical role in the development of an individual. With a hassle-free SFT Roll Call report system, you get plenty of working hours for the entire staff and administrators. You can invest the working hours in creating other development strategies to modify your institution’s education system.

Benefits of Using SFT Roll Call Reports

Identifying Problems

You can easily access multiple reports using the SFT Roll Call Reports system. It will change the working pattern and identify the hurdles you otherwise might have missed.

Saves Crucial Time

When you identify problems and errors easily, it saves time and money instead of investing valuable time at the end of the academic year on the same concerns.

An Enriching Experience

With a seamless and superior reporting system, SFT Roll Call report features offer an enriching experience.

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