Libraries are going digital these days. It is a new way of delivering information. This might seem like a good idea on paper, but it has some concerns about data security. With the increasing cases of data breaches and cyber-attacks, the importance of data security has been on the rise. To protect valuable data, libraries must invest in advanced technologies. Also, it is important to ensure they are not sharing data with other institutions or individuals. A robust library management system is the best choice for libraries to integrate add-on encryption and secure access to the digital library. When it comes to the advantages of a library management system, here are the best data security features that a library management system offers.  


Key Data Security Features of a Library Management System 


Data Backup -

Data backups are crucial for the protection of data and to ensure the integrity of the library management system. This is because library management is a central repository for all the library resources. It is a database that includes all the information about journals, books, articles, and resources. The importance of data backup cannot be ignored. However, when it comes to storage space and time-consuming activities like data recovery, things can get challenging. One of the best advantages of a library management system is that it offers a robust data backup feature locally and through the cloud to ensure the library data stays secure online.  


Secured Local Access –

The advantages of a library management system with local access are numerous, especially for corporates and big libraries. It is a simple but effective way to make sure that the library has more control over the data, and it can also make sure that they are not sharing too much information with third parties. The ability to store and manage your data will save you time, effort, and money by reducing the need for expensive server infrastructure – you shall get it all with a library management system.  


Cloud Data Encryption 

In this era of increasing cybercrimes, the best way to protect your data is by encrypting it. Encryption is a process of encoding information in such a way that only authorized parties can access data. Librarians can use encryption to prevent data theft or unauthorized access. Encryption will also protect the privacy of the users by securing their personal information and making sure that it cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties. Library management software helps to offer a secure platform for you to store your files and share them with the patrons.  


Better Integration with Slim Library RFID System –

Slim Library RFID System is a wireless radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. It is an electronic system that identifies an object with a unique identity number known as the RFID tag. These RFID solutions include tags, staff readers, security gates, self-service kiosks, drop boxes, inventory devices, and more. It is crucial to seamlessly integrate the library management system with the cutting-edge technology device.  


Higher Student Engagement –

SFTRollCall’s library management system is quite advanced, and it has various features that can enhance the classroom experience. For instance, connecting with different types of students who learn from different paces can be difficult. Some students might easily understand a concept when explained once, but the same might not be the case with someone else. The disconnect in the classroom can be bridged using tools like multimedia digital content, multiple types of homework, and study materials of different types.  


LMS Offers 24/7 Access to the Users –

Library management and engagement eliminates the possibilities of tediousness and frustration by offering the students and library managers all-time access to the resources of the library. This is one of the best advantages of a library management system. It eases the task of the librarian because the software is created to manage the different types of videos, journals, books, and photos through a single platform.  


Reduces Manual Labour and Saves Time –

The library management software maintains a daily record of unreturned, issued, available, and unreturned books. Simply put, all the crucial library activities can be managed in a few clicks. The librarian can issue and reissue books without compromising record keeping. Also, students can access the software to confirm the availability of a specific book. This is a crucial advantage of a library management system.  


Customizable and Innovative –

The library management system can be customized according to the specific requirements of the institutes. It offers the convenience of managing the books according to the preference of the users. Also, the software is inexpensive and viable for organizations looking forward to integrating a cost-effective, sophisticated technology into the work system.  


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