In today’s era, it has become crucial for schools to have a robust ERP system to offer quality education to the students. This is why a lot of schools have already implemented a good school ERP system, and others are in search of it. The school ERP system includes lesson planning solution for schools in India. A good school ERP system adds a lot of value to the schools because it simplifies the daily operations and offers real-time reports of the data that help the staff save their time and energy. This leads to better education for the students. However, choosing the school management with a lesson planning solution for schools in India is tough, especially if you are getting it for the first time. In the following section of the blog, we will share the top 5 FAQs about school management system to help you in making the right decisions.

The Top 5 FAQs about School Management System to Help You:

1. How Does a Parent Benefit from a School ERP System?

A school ERP system helps parents to stay informed and connected to the school. The software allows the school to be transparent in their operations and share every information to them through the app. It allows faculties, parents, and students to collaborate from anywhere. Also, a school ERP software has integrated payment gateways where the parents and students can submit the fees online. Also, it helps to add offline payment in the system so that the receipt can be generated.


2. Is a School ERP Software Compatible for Boarding School, Residential School, Playschool, Colleges, and Universities?

It is true that every school works differently and follows different sets of rules, regulations, and processes. A school ERP software will be easily able to match the requirements. An ERP software with a lesson planning solution for schools in India will make things easy for all educational institutions, whether it is big or small. While choosing the ERP software for an institute, make sure it has important features like hostel management, transportation tracking, lesson planning, admission and attendance management, and more. SFTRollCall is the ideal school management system for this.


3. How Secure is the Data on a School ERP Software?

A lot of data flows in through the school ERP software. There is no denying that the privacy of data and ensuring security is of utmost importance. Therefore, choosing an ERP software that offers 100% data security is crucial. Managing data on pen and paper makes it highly vulnerable to theft or loss. However, when you use school management software with lesson planning for schools in India, it becomes much more protected, and people who are authorized to access only those can access the details. Therefore, it is crucial for a school to opt for safe and reliable ERP software. This is where SFTRollCall is better because it ensures optimal safety and security for the data of every individual, be they a parent or a teacher.


4. How to Choose the Best School ERP System?

The primary factors to consider while choosing a school management software for your school are ease of integration, customization features, better support, and data security. Also, you should consider the stakeholder’s requirements and choose the system based on the number of features it can offer.


5. What Can the Top Management of a School Expect from a School ERP?

School ERP systems are vital for educational institutions because they offer innumerable benefits. The bulk of these originate from centralized data administration and accessibility. It helps with everything from the application and class registration to performance monitoring and finances. School administration requires managing activities on a daily basis. A single error can prove to be disastrous to the management. Therefore, it is crucial to keep track of everything happening in a school, from students taking admission to submitting their fees, allotting classes and sections, and handling their academics. This is why the school needs ERP software to manage all the day-to-day activities.

In Conclusion:

Choosing the right ERP software with lesson planning software for schools in India is as important as choosing the right schools for their children. In the end, the objective of the right ERP software is to improve the quality of education for the students and boost the school financially. If you are in search of the best school ERP software with the lesson planning feature, get in touch with us today.

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