Attendance is one of the most crucial elements of the education sector. Evolution in the education sector is empowered by the attendance system to ensure a paradigm shift from register-based attendance to a UHF attendance management system. If it is new for you, you must know that many schools and colleges have installed this modern attendance tracking system and successfully ditched the traditional record-maintaining system. Digitalizing the system of attendance not only monitors the students’ attendance but also ensures safety on the school premises.  

What is UHF Attendance System? 

The UHF attendance system is an attendance monitoring system that uses ultra-high frequency to mark attendance and sends an automated SMS to the parents about their kid’s attendance. This is a long-range system that has a UHF reader that identifies the students with an in-built IoT technology and sends data instantly to the server. This data is processed and decoded to authenticate the student’s attendance, and after validation, a notification is sent to the registered mobile number of the parent.  

This method aces the biometric attendance system because students don’t need to stand in a queue to scan their fingerprints. The wall-mounted UHF readers can immediately scan the tag with an ultra-high frequency technique, and it will authenticate the entry. Also, it doesn’t need an internet connection or computer device because the UHF attendance software can be linked with mobile SIM or GPRS technology. Therefore, when it is to an attendance management system, this is a cost-effective solution with less overhead installation.  

The Benefits of a Wireless UHF Attendance Management System 

  • The UHF attendance management system is quick and easy to install. The students won’t have to place their cards or remember their roll numbers because attendance punching is done by the UHF reader after appearing in the range.  
  • Once installed in the social premises, using a wireless UHF attendance system is cheaper and much more effective than a phone call.  
  • The admin will experience a significant reduction in workload and automation of the attendance process because the system can save effort, time, and money for teachers. They can use the valuable time in the core process.  
  • When the attendance is marked, the UHF attendance management systems will send a notification to the parent’s mobile number. Thus, it increases the parents’ involvement and keeps them updated about their kid’s attendance. Keeping the parents in the loop also improves the school’s communication.  
  • In case of an emergency or special cases, when bulk messages must be sent, the in-built feature of the UHF attendance management system makes it possible to send them within a few minutes.  
  • Since the data of the UHF attendance management system is stored on the cloud, it is safe from intruders and unauthorized access. The role-based access can restrict access and keep the data from tampering.  
  • The data of UHF attendance software is stored on the cloud; it is safe from intruders and unauthorized access. The role-based access will restrict access and keep the data safe from tampering.  
  • The UHF attendance system also optimizes the accuracy and efficiency of the attendance monitoring process. It helps the institutes with standard and custom reports that give insights into attendance data in just a few clicks.  
  • The simple plug-and-play process also eliminates any hassles of deployment and makes it easy to use. It is portable and wireless. Therefore, it can be used on any premises. Also, you can integrate the UHF attendance management system into different options like school bags, ID Cards, and tags.  

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