Is your college experiencing a dip in student enrolments and admissions? Is it becoming difficult to track the inquiries coming through the website? Are the college applicants going to other colleges? If you think about these questions, rest assured that you are not alone. Almost every major educational institution today is looking to automate the admission process or the online enrolment process.


Here are the top 10 reasons educational institutions choose college admission management software:


  1. Creating admission process workflow :

This is the most important reason to choose college admission management software – creating a seamless admission workflow. Just think about it – do you want to start creating something without having a proper plan for it? Good software will allow you to establish the complete process and automate it when needed. You can have 5 stages or 10; the college admission management software will allow you to easily establish them.  

  1. Easily manage online admission inquiries :

Almost every college has websites for online admission, and most of them have inquiry forms or registration forms. However, most colleges don’t have an automated inquiry management process. Did you know? Even after getting interested in your college, more than half of the students will not join. The reason is they don’t get on-time information, or they simply get a better option. Manual processes like scheduling interviews, sending emails, and asking for documents take all the time. A good college administration management software will automate all this and make the process smoother.  

  1. Applicant status tracking:

Right from submitting the registration form, the software will guide the student through the process. When the student completes the registration process, he/she should be able to view the status of the application in real time. This will save multiple calls to the office asking for the status.  

  1. Applicant evaluation and ranking:

Don’t you want better evaluation parameters to find candidates who are the best fit for the college? A college admission management software is not just a good registration solution but also a good evaluator for the candidates. It integrates effortlessly with the online scheduling tools, offering users with the ability to schedule interviews for candidate ranking.  

  1. Online qualifying tests:

Did you ever feel that the student you admitted might not be as good as he/she initially seemed? Software should help sort the students in the best possible way, like setting up a small exam to check the subject knowledge. This comes in handy to shortlist the applications of foreign students.  

  1. Payment processing:

Having trouble sending payment reminders to the guardians of students? The best solution is to choose a college admission management software that would send reminders, automated emails, and generate invoices, while also helping to process the payments.  

  1. Going paperless :

No need to worry about managing loads of documents and hours of data entry into the student information system. A top-shelf solution will integrate with SIS and feed student data directly into it, thus making the transition seamless.  

  1. Better communication:

A lot of students lose interest in being admitted to a college due to a lack of proper communication. A college administration management software allows the admission team to interact with the students in real time. After all, communication is the key.  

  1. Reporting & dashboard :

A college admission management software offers institutions the facility to create admission reports. With easily accessible data, the admission committee can avail detailed reports about the number of students’ intake, diversity metrics, applicant pool, and more. The role-based dashboards offer better visibility into the details of the institution’s admission process.  

  1. Chatbot to clear queries:

Due to the lack of transparency in the admission process, anxiety among students increases, and they make a lot of calls to the colleges. Most of the time, college admission management software is accompanied by a chatbot to make it complete and enhance the effectiveness of the software.  

In Conclusion :

The college admission management system faced a significant disruption when the pandemic hit in 2020. Just like all other parts of higher education, it had experienced a dip because prospective students could no longer complete the usual campus visits. With the restrictions being lifted now, higher education institutions are working towards bringing the admission process back to normal. This is where the automation in the admission process comes in. The objective of college admission management software is to ensure that all the manpower and resources are used effectively. It helps to optimize the automation process and enhances institutional effectiveness. If you are in search of the best college admission management software, get in touch with us today.  

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