With an efficient lesson planning system in India, a teacher/educator can start classes with a detailed strategy to deliver the curriculum to the students. In the past, many educators have depended on pen & paper planners to track upcoming lessons. At present, digital tools make it easy for teachers to handle classrooms through cloud-based platforms. When the teachers choose a cloud-based lesson planner, they can streamline the workflow for delivering higher-quality education to the students. This blog will discuss how to choose an ERP with an efficient lesson planning system in India.

Factors to Consider an ERP with an Efficient Lesson Planning System in India

  1. Aligning the Curriculum– Make sure to align the curriculum with state and national standards. The lesson plan that the teachers use must perfectly cover the standards that the government measures use to analyze the student’s progress.
  2. Monitoring the Progress of Students– The feature to monitor students’ progress is another essential factor you should consider while getting an efficient lesson planning system in India. For every student, you should be able to monitor their progress in the lessons that they are being taught in the schools. Also, the teachers should be aware of where are the knowledge gaps. Different students tend to learn at different paces. Therefore, the ERP should have an efficient lesson planning solution for schools in India that helps to personalize the lessons depending on the student’s understanding of the subject. Also, it empowers the teacher to offer better instructions.
  3. Keeping a Consistent Learning Schedule– An efficient lesson planning system in India should be such that any individual can use it, even if they are a layman. Also, the students should experience a consistent learning path. A shared lesson plan allows the teachers to produce the highest quality curriculum possible through learning.
  4. Sharing the Best Practices for Teachers– The teachers must easily share the best practices, resources, and activities throughout the subject areas so that the students get the highest quality of education.
  5. Accessing Lesson Templates– Allowing the teachers to access the standard lesson templates enables the teachers to focus on how to improve the existing lessons instead of reinventing the wheel. In addition, the teachers can use shared knowledge to create lesson plans quickly while ensuring higher quality plans.

A lesson planning solution for schools in India should include the features mentioned above.

Efficient lesson planning system in India

An Effective Lesson Planning System in India should Include the following:

  1. Setting an Explicit Objective for the Lesson: When there is a specific learning objective, it offers both the students and instructor an achievable target. This helps in maintaining focus on the content standards. With an effective lesson planning system in India, a teacher can establish learning objectives. These will be explicit about what the students can achieve at the end of every Lesson.
  1. Adding Visuals to the Lesson Plan: Students remember what they see, hear, and read. These include visuals in the lesson plan that helps teachers in creating multiple learning styles.
  1. Maintain a Consistent & Precise Structure: It is crucial to have a consistent structure to keep the learners concentrated and engaged. An effortless way to do that is to get an efficient lesson planning system in India. A concrete lesson plan structure will help them identify the thematic subjects, which you can organize as units or modules to ensure a consistent flow.

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