It is common in educational institutions worldwide to see teachers taking students’ attendance at the beginning of school each day and sometimes multiple times during the day.

Even in virtual classrooms, recording attendance is a mandatory routine at the beginning of every class. This makes incorporating an attendance management system in India a necessity.

Tracking student attendance facilitates the teachers in keeping track of absenteeism rates. In addition, it helps schools to understand the average percentage of students going to school regularly in a year and helps them find ways to avoid dropouts.

However, there are also many disadvantages of the old manual attendance system:

  • It is an ancient time-consuming process
  • A huge amount of paperwork is involved
  • Reduces the time needed in classroom teaching time and the productivity of teachers
  • High scope for human error
  • It can be easily manipulated

Tracking attendance manually has always been a complicated and cumbersome task. Over the years, several solutions have been built to record student attendance, and the most popular of them is a Student Attendance Management System.

The purpose of the Student Attendance Management system in School

The key purpose of employing a school student attendance management system is to automate the entire attendance process. However, besides this, there are other important reasons to invest in an attendance management system in schools.

Attendance Tracking In Real-Time

An attendance management system helps track and save attendance data in real-time. Besides student and staff attendance, it also helps the school admins maintain and track leave applications, students’ arrival & departure times, leisure and lunch breaks, and vacations of staff members & students.

Automate The Payroll Process

If the Payroll management software is paired with an effective attendance management system, the payroll process transforms to be automated and becomes more efficient. Based on that information, the school management can easily track absences and leaves of all teaching and non-teaching staff at one glance. The system also eliminates the chances of potential errors in the payroll system.

Instant Notification To Parents

Integrating the attendance management system in India allows schools to track attendance and absenteeism rates using biometric data. This is real-time data; the system can also send automated emails and messages to parents to notify them immediately if their child does not attend school.

Improved School Security

An attendance management system integrated with biometric software ensures that only people with valid biometric credentials can access school premises. Moreover, the institution can also alert the parents and keep track of outsiders or visitors during school hours.

Attendance Management System India

Key features of the Attendance Management Module

Biometric Integration

The key feature of the school attendance management system is that it integrates with the Biometric & RFID device so that regular attendance is automated seamlessly.

Track Attendance In Different Formats

A student attendance management system allows educational institutions to track staff and students in different formats like full-day, half-day, weekly, monthly, or even subject-wise.

Track Latecomer & Monitor Leave Request

The attendance management system tracks the regular latecomers. It also allows for emergency leave approvals; for example, staff can request leave through their accounts in case of emergencies, and their reporting manager will be notified. He can approve or reject the request instantly.

Employee Attendance & Leave Management

An attendance management system can also track and manage the attendance of teachers and other staff using the software. It simplifies the management of attendance, punctuality, and leave requests and automates salary calculation at the end of each month.

Comprehensive Report Generation

All attendance data is stored in digital format, making it easy for the school admin team to generate overall student and staff attendance reports in diverse formats.

In conclusion

Today, digital attendance management systems are becoming an inevitable part of the digital transformation, taking over schools globally. They are becoming increasingly popular in all educational institutes because of the many benefits to the school. SFT Roll Call is a school management ERP with seamless attendance management and many more. Discover now!

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